Fountain  Moderne Vitality  R19-C13

Fountain Moderne Vitality R19-C13

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Clean design, contemporary style and neutral colors are the guidelines in the creation of this series.

The Vitality is an elegant fountain with a deliberately modern and refined design. Under her white arch sits a young woman meditating in the lotus position.
The fountain is sublimated by warm white LED lighting that emphasizes the delicate movement of water.
Simplicity in lines and color to remain in purity.

In the living room, in a bedroom, on a table, in a reception area ... where she will be, she will make this place a unique and elegant place.

- Length: 22 cm.
- Width: 14 cm.
- Height: 23 cm.
- Weight: 1 kg.
- Consumption: 2 to 4 Watt depending on the model.
- Material: resin.
- Packaging: neat with reinforced protection.
- User manual: French, English, Spanish, Italian and German.
- Content: fountain, pump with led.
- EAN code: 3700643504831
- Reference: SCFR19-C13

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