Fontaine Moderne Amor Noir

Fontaine Moderne Amor Noir

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€ 84.00

Clean design, contemporary style and neutral colors are the guidelines in the creation of this series.

The Amor fountain is the result of a desire to combine fountain and contemporary art. The upper part represents a couple of lovers entwined with at their feet a glass ball rotated by the movement of the water. The ball is also illuminated by color variation LED lighting. This sculpture has a double symbolism because the couple also forms the symbol of infinity that can be associated with their love.
Simplicity in the lines but also in the color with only white to remain in the purity.

In the living room, in a bedroom, on a table, in a welcoming place ... where she will be, she will make this place a unique and elegant place.

- Length: 14 cm.
- Width: 14 cm.
- Height: 31 cm.
- Weight: 1 kg.
- Consumption: 2 to 4 Watt depending on the model.
- Material: resin.
- Packaging: neat with reinforced protection.
- User manual: French, English, Spanish, Italian and German.
- Content: fountain, pump with led.

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