BIOEARTH LOOM Face Serum with 96% Snail Secretion, 30ml

BIOEARTH LOOM Face Serum with 96% Snail Secretion, 30ml

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Loom Serum guarantees a multi-action treatment: on the one hand operates a dermo-plastic, soothing, moisturizing, purifying, hydrating, elasticizing and energizing activity; on the other hand it acts as an effective anti-aging, anti-free radical, skin protection, lightening, revitalizing and restructuring agent. It is indicated as a preventive measure, to keep all skin types in a eudermic condition, as an intensive intervention directed to the more mature, stressed skin, or with early signs of aging, characterized by sagging, lack of tonicity and presence of furrows, lentigo, etc..
Gellifies solution, alcohol-free, nor oily, fresh and melting to the touch, thanks to its formula based on pure snail secretion, Loom serum is ideal to restore tone, vitality and freshness to the sensitive and dehydrated skin that is losing (or worse, that has lost) the condition of well-being as a result of endogenous phenomena, related to the type of the skin or aging, or exogenous induced by exposure to many different stress factors (make-up, smoke, atmospheric agents, UV treatment).

Fields of use:
Acne, scars, wrinkles, dry skin, skin blemishes, burns, scorches.

Methods of use:
Distribute a few drops of Loom Serum on the face and decollete morning and evening. Allow to dry a few moments. Excellent when combined with Loom Creme or Loom Creme Riche.
Recommended duration of the treatment: 3 months.

Micro-filtered snail secretion extracts, aloe vera gel*, natural hyaluronic acid, ginseng extract *, calendula extract *, echinacea extract, yarrow extract *.

*from organic agriculture

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