BIOEARTH LOOM Face Cream with 79% Snail Secretion, 50ml

BIOEARTH LOOM Face Cream with 79% Snail Secretion, 50ml

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Loom Creme has unique qualities because it naturally contains precious substances that have been used for years in the development of antiaging, repair creams such as: collagen, allantoin (soothing and elasticizing proprieties), elastin, vitamin ACE, glycolic acid (stimulates the production of collagen) elastin and proteins. The snail secretion is one of the best substances for the treatment and regeneration of the skin. It contains anti-oxidants that can slow down the process of aging by eliminating free radicals, and its protein content is essential in returning the healthy, young and tonic skin look. Loom Creme combats premature wrinkles with a natural lifting effect, rejuvenates face skin, especially around the eyes and lips, softens expression lines, but most visibly reduce the signs of acne, chicken pox, scars, blemishes and burns.
The use of snail secretion extract is recommended all year long because of its quick absorption (great in summer) and its odorless, non-greasy and hypoallergenic nature. It can be used before makeup and sunscreen. Great to use after the sun because it refreshes and helps the tan.
Used cold (perhaps stored in a refrigerator) softens and fights varicose veins, deflating and relieving greatly.
Fields of use:
Acne, scars, skin blemishes, burns, scorches.
Methods of use:
After applying Loom Serum, apply a small quantity of Creme and allow drying a few moments.
Repeat morning and evening.
Recommended duration of the treatment: 3 months.
Micro-filtered snail secretion extracts, beeswax, calendula extract *, Oats extract*, natural hyaluronic acid, allantoin, vitamin E.

*from organic agriculture

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